Oops! Romney Launches New App, Misspells "America"

A moment meant to be technological triumph for the Romeny campaign ended up making it a laughingstock. When his staff launched their iPhone app, reports Mashable,one of the banners users could choose had a big typo.

The problem? One of the 14 options reads, in fact, “A Better Amercia.” Yes, Amercia. A-M-E-R-C-I-A.

Just a couple hours after the app was officially announced, the Twittersphere and online peanut gallery were already having a field day with the editorial oversight. Obama supporters, media and general snarkmeisters reveled in taking photos with the glitchy app and inserting “Amercia” into some of Romney’s most memorable campaign quotes.

Now I'm pretty mistake-prone when it comes to typos myself, but this goes beyond ordinary course of work errors since there was a big rollout and patriotic hullabaloo. And after all, there's something deliciously ironic about this one, isn't there? Click over to Mashable for their gallery of the best uses of the new "Amercia" meme.

AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at May 30, 2012, 4:26am