Debbie Wasserman Schulz is Wrong on Wisconsin

 If Walker wins in Wisconsin she apparently believes

“there aren’t going to be any repercussions,”


“But I think it’ll be, at the end of the day, a Wisconsin-based election, and like I said, across the rest of the country and including in Wisconsin, President Obama is ahead.”
One of the most radical governors in  US history whose stated purpose is to crush the remnants of the trade unions in his state for the sole benefit of the 0.001% is merely local? That this buying of an election will not motivate them to spend even more as they swamp the media for November?

I would have thought after the recall that this was a must win for the Democratic Party. A Walker win will encourage other radical right wing governors and state legislators that they can basically do what they please; because money is enough.

I agree with Rachel Maddow on this point:

Rachel Maddow was in barely-controlled-panic mode on her show last night as she assessed Wisconsin's upcoming recall election, which pits sitting GOP Gov. Scott Walker against Democrat Tom Barrett, the Mayor of Wisconsin. "Democrats should be fighting like the existence of their party depends on it," she told viewers. "Because it does."
Debbie  Wasserman Schultz should be listening
Maddow wonders whether state and national Democrats really get what's at stake in "the most important election in the country before the general election."

If Walker wins then the Republican Party backers will be encouraged to spend even more.

With the DNC's current attitude, Unions may be discouraged in their backing of the Democratic Party. De-motivation is a powerful weapon in politics, if you fight and lose is one thing, if you don't fight in the first place; it's shocking.

You need to fight every political battle as if it is your last, and the Republican Party are very good at that as the last four years have more than demonstrated, every State matters.

Always remember that when they talk about "The right to work" that this has nothing to do with you.

Politics may be local, but it all adds up.


DailyKos / By LaFeminista

Posted at May 26, 2012, 6:58am

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