Sexual Assault Suspect Didn't Feel Like Being Questioned -- so The NYPD Let Him Walk Away?

 Good news, criminals: You can sexually assault someone, get caught, decide you simply don’t feel like being questioned right at this moment and then walk free. Or at least those are the rules the NYPD plays by:

New details have emerged about a 22 year-old woman who was attacked yesterday morning around 5:30AM by a Hispanic male in his 40s. CBS New York reports that the woman was returning home from her job at a Manhattan night club when she exited the 4th Avenue/9th Street F/G station. As she walked on 16th Street between 4th and 5th Avenues she noticed a man was following her, but thought that she’d shaken him. Soon after, the man jumped at and groped her. Neighbors heard the young woman scream, and as they ran outside, the assailant fled. He didn’t get far though — a neighbor cornered him on Prospect Ave and 3rd Ave.

According to both CBS and NY1, the assailant was detained by police for about 15 minutes before being released.

“I was just (beep) off that the cops didn’t do anything about the guy,” Donald Harrington, a neighbor, told NY1. “They came up here, I told them where the girl was and they just kept on going. They said they had no victim even though we call them back. We took the girl down we spoke to the police and they said the guy didn’t want to be questioned so they let him go.”

Police returned to the scene on Wednesday to speak with neighbors and check out security footage.

New York’s Finest, right here.

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Posted at May 25, 2012, 4:56am

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