Oklahoma Highschool Shows Students Shocking Anti-Choice Propaganda Film

 Oklahoma is a hotbed of anti-choice activism, with some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the nation, multiple attempts to define a person at the point in which an egg is fertilized by sperm, and abortion opposition so strong even the anti-choice politicians have had to demand that overly zealous anti-choicers just back off.

So, obviously, it's just a coincidence that a high school in Wagoner, Oklahoma, happened to "accidentally" show viewings of the new anti-choice documentary "180," a film created to "change the mind of every pro-choice person who views it" by comparing abortion to Holcaust of World War II. And that free dvds happened to be passed out to students, both incidents occurring without parental permission.

Via Fox News 23:

[Parent Marty] Angus was furious after his step-daughter came home and told him she had seen it in class.

“She said well, we went to our lockers on break and there was a note that said come pick up your free DVD,” says Angus.

We did some checking with the district who tells FOX23 that a local family asked the principal at the school if they could give the DVD to students. The answer was yes, but only if the students got parental consent first.

Superintendent Marte Thompson told FOX23 that a student aide had accidentally handed out the movies before the school got the needed consent. Once they realized the graphic nature of the movie, they confiscated all the DVD’s and returned them.

They confiscated the dvds, but couldn't unplay the movie for the two classrooms that had already been shown the film -- on school time. 

Obviously, just another case of public schools forcing their liberal indoctrination on impressionable children.

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Posted at May 18, 2012, 4:50am