Sick: Unknown "Entrepreneur" is Selling Trayvon Martin Shooting Targets

 Racists who supported, and even celebrated, the killing of Trayvon Martin now have the opportunity to shoot the teenager themselves.  According to Tampa's WTSP, an "unidentified entrepreneur," or scumbag, is selling shooting targets of a hoodie with a bag of skittles in the pocket (and iced tea at hand). In case you forgot the "skittles and iced tea" chants accompanying marches demanding justice for Trayvon, he had gone to the store to pick up the candy, and he never came home.

The so-called entrepreneur said sales were great, but even gun owners reportedly express more disgust than interest in the target. According to WTSP:

"Even though I fully believe Zimmerman was justified in shooting, Trayvon was still a human being and does not deserve that kind of disrespect in death," wrote one firearm owners association website member.

Others, however, cannot muster the courage to recognize Trayvon's humanity or respect Black youths even after they are dead (at which point they may be less threatening). That's because they hate Trayvon not only because he was a young, Black male, but also because his death sparked the conversation they never wanted to hear. What is more threatening to a racist than calls for racial justice? And who better (or more convenient) to pin their fear and rage to than Trayvon?

AlterNet / By Kristen Gwynne

Posted at May 11, 2012, 6:25am

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