Mamas Day: A Campaign to Honor All the Moms and Caregivers Forgotten by the Mainstream

Immigrant moms, single moms, LGBTQ moms, moms of colors, aunts and grandmothers and dads who act as moms, disabled moms,  those whose gender and sexuality is ignored by the mainstream, caregivers of every persuasion: why do their faces never show up on ads for "Mothers Day Sale?"

There are so many stories that don't get covered by the treacly, flowery way Mothers Day is handled in the media landscape. The policy advocate group Strong Families is continuing its Mamas Day campaign this year with its collection of e-cards that portray moms and caregivers of different backgrounds, celebrating love instead of normativity, the struggle for justice instead of flowers.

As Shanelle Matthews, a reproductive justice activist, wrote in a post "Mothers Day for the Rest of Us":

The mothers whose lives are not being reflected on greeting cards are in need of something that can’t be delivered, worn, or eaten. They need policies that accurately reflect the reality of their daily lives. They need affordable health care, citizenship, access to healthy foods, transportation, birth control, self-care time, and support. They need second parent adoptions minus the red tape. They need safe spaces from domestic abusers, visitation rights, affordable and safe housing, and culturally relevant education in languages their families understand. They need less shaming and more policies in places that make it safe and secure to be the kind of moms they want to be. 


Yes. Progressives write about it every year, but it doesn't make it any less true: a real way to honor moms would be to create family-friendly policy.

Check out one example of the Mamas Day ecards:

And send your own cards at

AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at May 9, 2012, 7:43am

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