Meet the Florida White Supremacists Arrested for Plotting the "Race War"

TPM has a report from the Sunshine State on a group of American Front white supremacists who were taken in after their plans for a "race war" got more concrete. The ringleader, Marcus Faella, and some of his followers got taken in after threatening an informant who turned to the authorities.

In the months since, the informant allegedly documented Faella, 39, becoming increasingly erratic and ordering his followers to commit crimes on the group’s behalf. The informant took secret photos and videos of Faella teaching certain members, including convicted felons, to shoot guns and prepare for a race war in a compound fortified with railroad timbers and cement pilings that he established on his property in Saint Cloud, Fla.
In mid February, investigators learned the group’s preparations were growing.
“Faella started planning to cause a disturbance at City Hall in Orlando, Florida,” the affidavit said. “Faella advised that the AF had been dormant too long and wanted to cause a disturbance so the media would report on it and bring new members to the AF.”  

Of note: this racist group wanted to start a fight with the anti-racist groups who were planning to march in a May Day demonstration.

This spring, according to the document, Faella learned that anarchists and a group of non-racist skinheads were planning to participate in May Day activities in Florida, so he wanted to plan an attack on the groups.

The informant told investigators that Faella and his followers began to fashion sign holders that could somehow be used to conceal weapons. They planned to travel to the May Day activities and apparently pose as protestors.

Of course, there's been less focus on this attempted attack than on the other (admittedly more serious) planned attack by terrorists from Yemen, because right-wing terrorists don't count in our media landscape.

Read the whole thing, and check out a photo gallery of mugshots, here.

AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at May 9, 2012, 6:02am

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