Arrests Begin As Protests of "Hundreds" Hit BofA in NYC, Charlotte, Detroit

This week, shareholders and protesters alike are descending on Bank of America in Charlotte to voice their displeasure--although the displeasure of the latter group may be a bit more radical in nature. From the News Observer:

In Charlotte, protesters are expected to demand a complete halt to foreclosures, forgiveness of student loan debt, a stop to financing coal projects, an end to political spending and an end to seven-figure compensation packages.  

Meanwhile, Protests are hitting BofA branches around the country. In New York city, a direct action took place which included, according to a press release, a "large 6 foot Bank of America "person" with four 6 foot arms. Each arm represents one of Bank of America's crimes - foreclosure, dodging taxes, investing in payday loans/ dirty coal/ private prisons, and "buying" elections.

According to onlookers, hundreds hit the streets:

Today's planned direct action--blocking traffic--has already led to arrests:

Here's a picture from journalist Sally Kohn:

In Detroit, demonstrators tooka very creative approach to their protest:

About 50 people filed into the Guardian Building in Detroit Tuesday to play a life-sized game of Monopoly protesting the Bank of America's business practices. 

Protestors - one dressed as Rich Uncle Pennybags - gathered around the Rowland Cafe tables just after noon holding Monopoly signs, rolled two large dice, and then chanted for mortgage relief, student loan reform, and opposition to Bank of America posting large profits after receiving government bailouts. 

Tomorrow is the BofA Shareholders meeting, and the protests are expected to escalate in size and intensity. Read more aboutthe "99% Power" movement that is behind some of these actions here at AlterNet, and check out this Waging Nonviolence piece on "organizing against Bank of America in enemy territory."

AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at May 8, 2012, 7:46am

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