VIDEO: Update on Brooklyn College Students Arrested, Roughed Up for Peaceful Protest

Last week, we reported on CUNY Brooklyn College students' protest against tuition increases--and the violent response of campus and NYPD to their sit-in. 

Two of the students were arrested at the action; Julieta Salgado and Eric Carlsen have been released from jail. Salgado's charges have been adjourned in contemplation of dismissal, but Carlsen still faces charges. The Brooklyn College Student Union as well as Brooklyn College faculty have called for the dropping of all charges against the students. 

The Brooklyn College chapter of the Professional Staff Congress (the union representing faculty on the campus) wrote a letter to Brooklyn College president Karen Gould expressing their anger at the way the situation was handled and especially the amount of security on campus. It reads, in part

We have received numerous complaints from our members and students about the extraordinary controls placed on access to the east side of campus. The zero tolerance policy and aggressive demeanor of guards seemed totally out of proportion to the events occurring on campus. Our members reported delays entering campus and in one incident involving a female staff member, a physical altercation, because one guard did not see that another guard had already checked the member’s ID. Several members and students reported that students were late to class because of ID’s without proper validation stickers or forgotten ID’s. While we object in principle to intensive access controls to the College, we further question the implementation of a “zero tolerance” policy with no advanced notice. In many cases we witnessed students being forced to choose between having their ID’s confiscated or attempting to negotiate the validation process on the spot in a situation in which they were trying to get to class on time. We object to any future zero tolerance policy on ID’s, especially when no prior notice has been given to students, so that they can correct their ID problems in advance.

The students are also circulating a petition, demanding an end to tuition hikes that leave students indebted as well as an end to the securitization of campuses, stop and frisk policies, and spying on Muslim students. This Thursday at Hunter College, another CUNY school, students will hold another convergence, titled "No Cops! No Hikes!" in protest once again of police overreaction on campus and the tuition increases that will fall on CUNY students.

Below, new video shows different angles of the student action, as well as arrested students being manhandled by police.  

#M2 Students Visit #BrooklynCollege President Karen L. Gould Office - #NOCOPS #NOTUITIONHIKES #P2 from Rhodes Pictures on Vimeo.

AlterNet / By Sarah Jaffe

Posted at May 7, 2012, 10:33am

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