Zimmerman's Lawyers Unironically Whine That Their Client Can't Go to 7-Eleven Without Potentially Getting Attacked

This is just weird. Yesterday, one of George Zimmerman's ex-attorneys let fly with this obtuse statement:

UHRIG: This has been a terribly corrosive process. George Zimmerman, in our opinion and from information made available to us, is not doing well emotionally and probably suffering from posttraumatic stress syndrome. We understand from others that he may have lost a lot of weight. George can`t get in the car and drive down to the office center and go in and see a psychologist. George can't go down to the 7-Eleven and buy a Diet Coke.There's a bounty out on his head.

Today, Zimmerman's new attorney said the same thing:

In trying to portray his client in as sympathetic terms as possible, Zimmerman’s new attorney Mark O’Mara said this evening that Zimmerman is “troubled by everything that has happened.” O’Mara added, “Truly, it must be frightening to not be able to not be able to go into a 7/11 or into a store and literally to be in fact a prisoner wherever he was.”

If there are any lawyers out there who would like to explain to me how this could possibly help George Zimmerman, I'd love to hear it. Each time I heard it I gasped at the insensitivity -- and foolishness of using that example. One mistake I could understand, I guess. But twice? Is this an inept strategy to conflate their client with the victim or are they both just clueless? 

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Posted at April 12, 2012, 3:35am

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