AlterNet Radio: Chris Mooney on the Republican Brain--the Science of Why They Reject Science; Wall Street Gets a Super-PAC

A special AlterNet Radio Hour this week, as Joshua Holland does a double segment with Chris Mooney, author of The Republican Brain: the Science of Why they Reject Science -- and Reality. Turns out liberals and conservatives don't just hold different values, but have different ways of processing information -- of viewing the world around them.

Dave Johnson also talks about the new Wall Street Super-PAC intended to be “a big stick” with which to punish lawmakers who vote with the public interest instead of the banking industry’s interest. One Wall Streeter says the purpose is to make lawmakers “afraid of bankers.” 

If you're in Washington, DC, you can tune into the show at 6 pm EST at 1480 AM. If you're anywhere else, you can stream it live at We Act Radio, and if you miss it, check back later for a podcast. 

UPDATE: Here it is! 

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AlterNet / By Staff

Posted at April 8, 2012, 7:08am