Help Identify Congressperson Who Put Jailed Activist Tim DeChristopher in Isolation

The Alyona Show is imploring the public to help determine which Congressperson successfully requested that jailed climate activist Tim DeChristopher be held in isolation:

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At the request of an unidentified Congressperson, Tim DeChristopher, co-founder of Peaceful Uprising, was put in isolation earlier this month.

He was arrested in 2008 for disrupting an oil and gas-related Utah auctioning of public land.  When he placed a $1.8 million bid at the auction buying 22,500 acres of land, federal agents swooped in and took him into custody, and DeChristopher was sentenced to two years.

The Alyona Show recommends directions for the public:

1.Get in touch with your Congressperson by calling his/her office. Identify yourself as a constituent (and please, actually be one!) then inform the staffer that you are calling in response to a television program. Say that you are inquiring whether or not the Congressman contacted the Bureau of Prisons about taking punitive action, including recommending isolation, in response to a letter he sent on March 5.

2. You may not receive a response right away. Congressional staffers are quite busy. Be persistent. Explain to who you speak to that if you don't receive a definitive "no" response, the lack of an answer could be construed as a passive admission. Most importantly, stress that you don't want to hold the Congressman unfairly responsible for this. Eventually, you'll speak to a staffer.

3. Once you finally speak to a staffer who works on the subcommittee issues, inquire who it is you’re talking to. Note who you are speaking to and the time of the conversation. Then ask them directly on the record: did your boss contact BOP about DeChristopher's letter? Did he/she request that punitive measures be taken against Tim DeChristopher, including isolation?

5. If you don't receive a definitive answer, ask the staffer to verify for you.

6. If the staffer actually says yes...don't judge. Politely ask for an explanation.


AlterNet / By Angela Lee

Posted at April 6, 2012, 3:14am

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