Reporter's Weekend With the "Kinder Gentler KKK": Still Hitler-Quoting, Racial Slur-Using Bigots

 Hamilton Nolan and his photographer spent a weekend hanging out with the new face of the Ku Klux Klan, where he was exposed to a poorly-rebranded version of the same old vile white supremacy.

From alt-country music that's all about the Aryan nation to a warm-up comedian that goes where no shock-comic would dare go elsewhere, he wrote about what he saw: 

"Only 34 out of 13,000 residents are black?" he quoted. "Too many!" came the reply.

"Now you know why people move here!" "Haw haw!"

"Who wrote this article? Jeannie Nuss. I just caught that. Noose!" "Haw haw!"

It's quite disconcerting in this modern age to be in a room full of white people who are all spouting the most vile racist slurs that one can imagine, openly, while everyone else laughs and applauds it. 

Nolan deconstructs the extremism in the ideology here--it's not just dog-whistle white supremacy, but stated white supremacy.

And then there's this:

Randy Gray, who ends his remarkably ignorant disquisition on Jews in the media not only with an exclamation of "White power!" (which the crowd repeats en masse) but, as an added flourish, by passing around a cooler full of Arizona iced tea and a big bag full of Skittles, as an homage to Trayvon Martin. "The choice of thugs everywhere," jokes the slitty-eyed racist shit, about the murdered child.

And all this is before the grand finale: the lady who quotes Hitler approvingly and uses the n-word with impunity.

Read the whole story here.

Of course, as vile and horrendous as this brand of overt hatred is--and as fascinating as it is to get a look inside--we can't forget the subtler forms of white supremacy and racism that permeate our entire culture are harder to identify, marginalize and see as a freakish anomaly worthy of an expose.

AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at April 3, 2012, 6:58am

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