Former Colombian President: 'We Cannot Be Condemned to Live in War Because Americans Do Not Want to Talk About Drugs.'

(Raw Story) Cesar Gaviria Trujillo, the former president of Colombia, told a Spanish-language radio station this week that America’s war on drugs has been a disastrous “failure” that the ruling political parties simply refuse to talk about.

Otto Perez Molina, president of Guatemala, said that he too favors legalization to deal with drug-related violence largely driven by the economic impacts of America’s prohibition policies, which drive up the price of illegal substances and help enrich criminal gangs.

“Society does not want to accept that people consume [drugs],” he told RCN Radio in Colombia. “You cannot turn away from reality. We cannot accept that theory. [American politicians] may prefer not to talk about it. We cannot accept it.. We cannot be condemned to live in war because Americans do not want to talk about it. No one speaks in favor of the war on drugs.” 

Oh, we accept that people consume drugs all right.  We celebrate drug consumption with ads telling us to “Grab Some Buds” and “Live the High Life”.  We get commercials of horny people in bathtubs watching sunsets to sell drugs that we know men consume (and even abused) for recreational, not medical purposes.  We get cartoon depression that requires a drug and then another drug to help the drug.  And as long as the drug comes in liquid form and helps you stay alert and productive – a good little worker bee – we’ll let the dealers jack up the price tenfold and sell it on every street corner and sell concentrates of it in convenience stores.

No, our problem in America is with who profits from drug consumption.  We prefer that corporations owned by white people profit from our drug consumption. Drugs that grow well south of the United States and profit non-white people – that’s what we can’t accept.

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Posted at March 28, 2012, 9:29am