#OWS Update: Occupy Settles In at Union Square as Bloomberg, NYPD Actions Come Into Question

As we've been reporting here at AlterNet, an attempted re-occupation of Liberty Plaza ended inpolice violence on Saturday night.

In the aftermath of this series of event which many in the movement understandably called "traumatic," some occupiers are regrouping in Union Square and forming an impromptu occupation in that more populated, raucous park, a kind of public gathering that will be more difficult to uproot fully.

The People's Library and various information and literature desks that were features of the original Liberty Plaza occupation are back, as well as the mosaic of signs seen below in a picture taken last night. So as the second picture shows, the Southeast corner of the park feels much like Zuccotti did in the early days:

Meanwhile,as we noted yesterday, the pushback against Ray Kelly and Michael Bloomberg's aggressive police tactics against OWS activists seems to be gaining ground. Today, the Awl's Choire Sicha noted that this week marks the "lowest moment yet" for Mayor Bloomberg.

Using the #Bloombergmustresign and #kellymustresign hashtags, activists are taking their complaints to Twitter. But even more importantly, as I write this post, OWSers are joining at a silent march and press conference with Muslim-Americans and anti-Stop and Frisk activists--and the victims of police violence-- all who have been violated by the intrusive, aggressive policies of Kelly's NYPD and Bloomberg's treatment of the police as his "personal army."

Today, occupiers cut zipties off each others wrists and covered them with flowers.

They announced another action on Saturday at noon. 

We toss our flowers onto the pile of zipties cut symbolically... on Twitpic

Plans continue for a major Occupy day of action on May 1st and Friday "trainings" until then.

AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at March 20, 2012, 6:58am

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