GOP Goes After Sandra Fluke's Boyfriend, And Jews

Ordinarily, I'd be inclined to assign the win to whomever can cite Allison Porchnik appropriately in an argument. However, in this case, I have to go with the following Lawyers, Gun$ and Money commenter.

scanner says:

March 14, 2012 at 11:02 pm

It’s astonishing how “Jewish socialism” is supposed to be a meaningful rebuttal to the occasional medical necessity of birth control pills.

Indeed, yes, it is astonishing that Sandra Fluke's boyfriend's ethno/religious/family history is now the focus of the right's rebuttal to the idea of treating birth control as preventative medicine.

You see, Sandra Fluke's boyfriend is the descendent of prominent Jewish handbag merchants. And, as we all know, handbag merchants have always been very strike-orientated. Which is to say that Sandra Fluke is dating a Marxist.

But not a poor Marxist. This is a Marxist who can afford to vacation in Europe. Thus, presumably, he can afford to buy a box of condoms and leave the rest of us alone.

Watch the Republicans chase their own tails.

While they are off discussing the alleged socialism of Samuel Gompers, the rest of us are left to wonder how it came to this. The issue is whether or not birth control should be treated as a preventative medicine for the purpose of co-pays and deductibles under employer-provided health care plans. In favor of treating birth control as preventative medicine is that a) hormonal birth control is often prescribed for preventative medical purposes and b) unplanned pregnancies create a medical condition with both social and direct financial costs. Cost-free birth control (for the plan holder) will reduce unplanned pregnancies which will lower the abortion rate, avoid the social consequences of unwanted children, and reduce the price of health care for everyone. In favor of not treating birth control as preventative medicine is that a certain segment of the population that doesn't believe it is moral to deliberately avoid pregnancy will be appeased.

And, to be clear, making health care cheaper for all us is the opposite of making us all pay for Sandra Fluke's IUV so she can have consequence-free sex in some Swiss ski-lodge chateau with her Jew-boy handbag scion boyfriend. 

Booman Tribune / By Boo Man | Sourced from

Posted at March 16, 2012, 4:31am

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