"Sex Strike" Planned, Starting April 28: "If Our Reproductive Choices Are Denied, So Are Yours"

Laugh all you want Mr. Townhall Editor. Make a joke about "feminists" who simply want the same right to make decisions about their reproductive health as you do. You want Viagra, Cialis and Levitra covered by your insurance program to make your penis function properly so you can engage in sexual activity, and you don't want to bear the full cost of those medications.

Well, I want my daughter to have the same coverage by insurance companies to make contraception choices when she decides, before or after marriage, to engage in sexual activity, without having to pay for the full cost of her reproductive health. I also don't want you to deny her contraception or the right to make decisions about her own body that I assume you as a man will also enjoy unless you are willing to pay the cost of bearing and raising the children produced by your decision to prevent her and other women from using contraception . You say you are pro-life? Prove it by protecting the rights of children born under any circumstances, even to single mothers.

I also don't want doctors being authorized to lie about pregnancy risks so a woman is forced to carry a baby to term that may die in the womb or may result in her own death. Nor do I don't want employers to be given the ability to discriminate against woman who use contraception, a right guaranteed under the Constitution according to the Supreme Court..

Nor do I want women denied health care just because it happens to have an effect on their reproductive organs.

I don't want any woman, including my daughter, investigated for murder every time she has a miscarriage, nor do I want these women denied the right to proper medical procedures when that miscarriage results in incomplete discharge of dead fetal and placental material, running the risk of medical complications, disease and possibly death.

Mostly, I don't want your proposed "Big Government" policies limiting the freedoms to which my daughter and every other woman in America is entitled. In short I want your dirty, perverted ideas to ever mess with my daughter's vagina, uterus or ovaries and her decisions about what is best for her reproductive health.

This isn't a "feminist' issue. It's a human rights issue. So, yes, I support this proposed sex strike because maybe it will finally get your attention that women are full and equal human beings and no man's property, much less the equivalent of cows and pigs.

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Posted at March 15, 2012, 5:51am

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