Wow: Ex-McCain Strategist Admits a Palin Presidency Would Be "Frightening"

 Steve Schmidt was McCain's lead strategist in 2008 and was instrumental in the decision to select a then-relatively unknown Sarah Palin as his running mate. But hindsight is 20/20: speaking on MSNBC's Morning Joe early Monday about Game Change—the HBO film about the McCain campaign based on the Mark Halperin/John Heilemann book—Schmidt admitted that choosing Palin was a terrible decision for the country:

“When a result happens that puts someone who is not prepared to be president on the ticket, that’s a bad result. I think the notion of Sarah Palin being President of the United States is something that frightens me, frankly. And I played a part in that. And played a part in that because we were fueled by ambition to win. And I think that ambition to win, to victory is what drives people in politics. It is a chess match in a lot of ways, but that result in how we got there is something that troubles me a lot.”

Wowzers. Further, Schmidt confirms that Game Change was "very accurate," and that watching it induced a little "PTSD" (post-traumatic stress disorder). This is in stark contrast to his former boss John McCain's assessment of the film, who told Charlie Rose that it was inaccurate (saving face?). Either way, Schmidt's comments are quite fascinating, and even if he can't turn back time to keep Palin out of the national discourse, the fact that he admits she was toxic counts for at least a little something, right? Well... maybe. Watch below, via Mediaite:


AlterNet / By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Posted at March 12, 2012, 5:07am