AlterNet Radio: Lobbyists Fueling the Drug War; Israel's Hard-Right Turn; Evangelism in Public Schools

Great show this week! First up: Lee Fang of the Republic Report talks to Joshua Holland about the lobbyists who get paid big bucks to keep weed illegal.

Then Max Blumenthal looks at the state of Israeli domestic politics. Is the "only democracy in the Middle East" really democratic these days?

Rounding out the hour, Rachel Tabachnick explains how a series of court cases has opened up our public schools to the religious right, which has jumped at the chance to try to proselytise your kids.

If you're in Washington, DC, you can tune into the show at 6 pm EST at 1480 AM. If you're anywhere else, you can stream it live at We Act Radio, and if you miss it, check back later for a podcast.  

UPDATE: Here it is...

Check this out on Chirbit

AlterNet / By Staff

Posted at March 11, 2012, 8:05am

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