Whose Limbaugh Smackdown Was Better, Stewart's or Colbert's?

Rush Limbaugh: "Human cold shower" or "poster boy for contraception," "pile of sewage" or prostituting himself to his advertisers?

Last night after a weekend off to stock up on their humorous outrage, both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert came out swinging against Rush Limbaugh's smear offensive towards birth control advocate Sandra Fluke.  Warning: both segments contain Rush's deeply offensive tirades.

First there was Stewart loudly and forcefully rebutting Limbaugh's lies about how birth control works and who pays for it (as with all insurance, it comes from employers and our own paychecks--not taxpayers) and calling Limbaugh a terrible human being...

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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Then came Colbert, pointing out how limited Limbaugh's apology actually was, how many other nasty and disturbing things he said about Fluke, and also, what a horrible human being he was. Watch below: 

The Colbert Report
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So, which routine slayed you more? Either way, the contempt both these funnymen feel towards Rush couldn't be more evident.

AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at March 6, 2012, 4:13am

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