New Poll: GOP Favorability Taking Huge Hit, Voters Find Race "Depressing"

It sounds like us progressives, those of us who have been feeling like banging our heads against the wall with every increasingly insane, extremist, rhetoric-ratcheting GOP debate are not in our own bubble-- in fact, the country is with us.

Only one-tenth of Americans have been impressed by the Republican primary, according to a new MSNBC/WSJ Poll. And nearly seven in ten could come up with only negative words to describe that ongoing race, influenced by nasty campaigning and ugly sparring.

In fact, the words used to describe their reactions to primary are "depressed," "unenthusiastic," "lesser of two evils" and perhaps the one whose sentiments we share the most: "painful." "Too extreme" also popped up.

The news isn't fabulous for the President, either, however -- although his approval was over 50%, the vast majority of respondents said that overall, the country was headed in the wrong direction. 

We're a pessimistic nation at the moment, and yet the GOP Candidates are offering us nothing but out of touch plutocracy and dogmatic misogyny. For a more detailed breakdown on these numbers, and why a swing towards Obama may be coming from women (hint: he doesn't hate them), check out the Moderate Voice.

AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at March 5, 2012, 7:40am

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