Pat Buchanan Moves to Fox, Immediately Makes Birther Joke

 No, he doesn't have a show on Fox (yet), but Pat Buchanan made an appearance on Sean Hannity's show and said this (at around 2:38 in the video below):

Sean, you know, a couple of months ago Obama was so low in the polls even the Kenyans were saying he was born in the United States.
HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!! That's a real kneeslapper, Pat! Hey, give us a teleprompter joke!

No, he doesn't actually say anything else that's unusually obnoxious, about teleprompters or anything else. He does, however, give the GOP game away (as if we didn't already know) at about 4:33:

This country is in political deadlock. Nothing happened in 2011. Nothing's going to happen in 2012. You put Barack Obama back in that White House and then we got four more years of deadlock....

In other words: Nice little country you got here. We'll continue to make it ungovernable unless you give us control of the whole government.
He and Hannity also agree (5:05) that a GOP-dominated government will have to gut entitlements right out of the chute, so public bitterness will fade a bit by the 2014 midterms and (especially) by Romney's 2016 reelection campaign. Yup, that's what I've been assuming the plan is, too.
Is Buchanan going to get a show on Fox? Well, Fox is going to attack Obama from the right on foreign policy no matter what he does (short of personally riding a nuclear bomb down onto Tehran a la Slim Pickens), and Murdoch and Ailes have to worry that, in the event of military action against Iran, Buchanan will deviate from the party line and declare that Obama is immorally colluding with the evil Jews and the Zionist lobby. So they'll probably limit him to guest appearances on other subjects. But I assume he'll make a lot of those, and he'll probably be a designated racial hit man when Fox needs one.

(Via Fox Nation.)

No More Mister Nice Blog / By Steve M

Posted at March 3, 2012, 8:00am

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