GOP's Big Money Donors Revealed In Latest Campaign Finance Reports

The list of Republican big money donors keeps growing, according to reports filed on Monday with the Federal Election Commission listing January donations to so-called super PACs.

These PACs are the 2012 campaign season's favorite big money loophole. The Sunlight Foundation has this breakdown which goes through the big donors, some of whom have not been known until now. Most notable is the $10 million given by Law Vegas casino owner Sheldon Adelson to a PAC supporting Newt Gingrich, who, the Foundation's reporters say would probably not even be a slightly viable candidate at this point were it not for the Adelsons.

Robert Reich, the former Secretary of Labor, also discusses the who's who list of Republican moneymen, saying they are the real candidates--not those running for office and making speeches. "Never before in the history of our Republic have so few spent so much to influence the votes of so many," he concedes.

And, as he correctly notes, we haven't seen anything yet--not when some of the biggest GOP spenders are giving to political non-profits that do not even have to disclose donors, another loophole in campaign finance laws.  

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Posted at February 21, 2012, 1:43pm

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