Silent Protest Shames Virginia Lawmakers Attempting "State Rape" Invasive Ultrasound Bill

 As Virginia lawmakers debate whether pregnant people should have to endure penetration against their will by an ultrasound wand, over 1,000 protesters linked arms and stood outside the State Capitol silently, shaming the lawmakers into putting the vote on the bill off for a day.

The AP writes

 Capitol and state police officers, there to ensure order, estimated the crowd to be more than 1,000 people — mostly women. The crowd formed a human cordon through which legislators walked before Monday's floor sessions of the Republican-controlled legislature.


None of the protesters carried posters. Few spoke, even when spoken to. Richmond resident Molly Vick wore a shirt that read, "Say no to state mandated rape."

Maddowblog has photos, and links to the protesters' Facebook page, which has more than 2,200 "attendees". The statement on the page reads, in part: 

The Capitol ground rules say that we cannot assemble, hold signs, chant, yell or protest. We think silence in the face of this struggle and their unconstitutional rules presents the strongest response to their assault on women. Please come out and stand up for our rights and for the rights of all women in VA to choose the best reproductive route for themselves. These people are used to signs, yelling, chanting etc. It is not new. They are not used to silently being stared at and having to look us in the eye. It gives us the power.

The Facebook page also links to the recent and stirring video of UC Davis Chancellor Katehi walking to her car as students silently watch her; this was directly in response to the pepper-spraying of several peaceful Davis students. It seems that Occupy tactics are spreading once again, this time to the reproductive justice movement. 

AlterNet / By Sarah Jaffe | Sourced from

Posted at February 20, 2012, 11:57am

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