AlterNet Radio (PODCAST): Rape-by-State; The Future of Black Politics; Has NYPD Gone Rogue?

Interesting stuff on the AlterNet Radio Hour this week. We lead off with the incomparable Digby -- blogger Heather Parton -- talking about the Right's fast-escalating war on women. 

Then Michael Dawson, a political scientist at the University of Chicago and author of Not in Our Lifetimes: The Future of Black Politics, tells us about the state of activism in the African-American community  -- what's happening and what needs to happen. Dawson had a recent essay on the topic in The Boston Review, which you can read here.

Last, but not least, my colleague Kristen Gwynne talks about her recent piece, "Is NYPD Running Wild? Patterns of Brutality Raise Questions About Mayor's Control of Police." It's an eye-opener.

You can listen to the show below.

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AlterNet / By Joshua Holland

Posted at February 19, 2012, 8:35am