Conservatives 'Grumble' That Fox News is Moving to the Left

Sally Kohn, an openly gay liberal activist, has taken what many would consider to be an unlikely position as a Fox News Contributor. While Kohn said she considers it an opportunity "to make a difference there,"Politico is referencing her slot as part of Fox News' alleged shift to the left.

According to Politico, "grumblings" have emerged among Conservatives convinced of a "course correction" at Fox.

 The grumblers were picking up on a strategy that has been under way for some time — a “course correction,” as Fox chief Roger Ailes put it last fall — with the network distancing itself from the tea party cheerleading that characterized the first two years of President Barack Obama’s presidency. Lately, Fox has increasingly promoted its straight-news talent in the press and conducted some of the toughest interviews and debates of the Republican primary season. Just last week, it hired the openly gay liberal activist Sally Kohn as a contributor.

All along, Fox watchers warned that it risked alienating conservative true believers as it inched toward the center.

Well, consider them alienated.

“To tell you the truth, a lot of conservatives see Fox News as being somewhat skewed on certain issues,” said Patrick Brown, who runs Internet marketing for The Western Center for Journalism, a conservative nonprofit that features stories questioning the president’s eligibility for office. “We actually did a poll recently that said, ‘Is Fox News actually conservative, or has it moved left?’ And some 70 percent of our readers thought it had moved left.”

“Left” is, of course, a relative term.

According to Politico, Cliff Kincaid, president of America’s Survival, dedicated his booth at CPAC to questioning Fox’s new programming, and even had “Bring Back Beck” buttons and bumper stickers.

But, according to Politico, Kincaid is not only upset about losing Beck:

He complained that the channel had recently hired “two far-left radical feminists,” Jehmu Greene and Kohn, who were “graduates of Jane Fonda’s Women’s Media Center.”

“Fox became successful by filling that void and becoming a platform for conservative voices,” he said. “If they want to watch Jehmu Greene or Sally Kohn, they can turn on MSNBC.”

Kohn told Role/Reboot that Fox just wants a "good fight on the issues:"

Look, Fox News makes no bones about its opinion programming being center right-leaning. I actually think that’s refreshing—you know where they stand. But they certainly don’t put me on air and tell me what to say and tie my hands. They want a good fight on the issues and they want good progressives who are standing up for our side.

More often, I think the problem is that good progressives refuse to appear on Fox, which seems to me a wasted opportunity. You know that old joke: Why do people rob banks? Because that’s where the money is! Well, Fox News is where the largest audience is. Why wouldn’t we want to speak with them and engage? 

Some Progressives do, indeed, engage with Fox. AlterNet's Lynn Paramore comments, "In the last two years, I've been welcome at Fox on a variety of shows and I have consistently expressed progressive views."

AlterNet / By Staff

Posted at February 15, 2012, 10:42am

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