FBI Raids Wrong Apartment--Takes Chainsaw to Wrong Door, Holds Wrong Woman at Gunpoint

Last Thursday morning, Judy Sanchez of Fichburg, Massachusetts woke up to a nightmare. After hearing heavy foot steps climb the stairs, she walked into her kitchen to find a blade sawing down the door. 

"I took two steps, face the second door, and I heard the click of a gun, and saying, ‘FBI, get down,’ so I laid down on my living room floor,” Sanchez told WHDH.com. "I was screaming, ‘You have the wrong apartment, you have the wrong apartment,’ over fifty times. And then I seen the big blade coming down my door."

Sanchez then lied face down on the ground at gun point while her 3-year-old daughter cried hysterically in another room. 

"It was very cold, doors were open, they wouldn’t let me get up to get my jacket or even so much as get my daughter. It was horrible," Sanchez told WHDH. 

Eventually the federal agents realized they had busted in the wrong apartment, and went to apprehend the real suspect next door. According to WHDH, the FBI released a statement on Tuesday, that said “The agent repeatedly apologized for the mistake," and reimbursed Sanchez or the door they chainsawed.  But Sanchez is not appeased.

“Anytime anybody knocks, [my daughter] freezes up. A two-year investigation and you still knock down the wrong door? That’s crazy," Sanchez, who new sleeps with a baseball bat, told WDHD.

FBI and SWAT raids are violent, terrifying experiences, but Sanchez may be lucky she is alive. When suspects or innocent victims react defensively, raids like these often turn deadly. Such was the case for 61-year-old John Adams, who was shot dead by police at the wrong house in 2009.

AlterNet / By Kristen Gwynne

Posted at February 1, 2012, 9:54am

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