Republicans Keep Pushing Made-Up "Dead Voter" Story -- While Trying to Commit Voter Fraud Themselves

Not that this will stop the wingnuts from their crusade but it should. Turns out that the South Carolina zombies weren't zombies after all:

A top state election official disputes a recent claim that more than 950 people who voted in recent elections could actually be dead. Of the six names her office was allowed to examine, all were eligible to vote.

But to hear some Republican officials tell it, you’d think that on Election Day in South Carolina, graveyards all across the state empty out and hordes of zombie voters lurch to the polls.

But dead people can’t vote. They’re dead.

This apparently needs some clarification, because during testimony at a Jan. 11 House hearing, S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles director Kevin Shwedo estimated that 950-plus dead people had voted since – well, since being dead.

So alarmed was Shwedo – who Gov. Nikki Haley appointed to the DMV post last January and who registered to vote here the following month at age 54 – sent the data to state law enforcement.

The reliability of that data, however, came into question today during another hearing on the issue where State Election Commission director Marci Andino testified that some of the voters the DMV data said were dead are very much alive – and were eligible to cast a ballot.

But you know this will be a rural legend throughout Real America. They are just determined to believe that a bunch of people are trying to steal elections. Because that's what they're trying to do. 

In this case they seem to be more than a little bit confused. It was a Republican primary. I know these people think these Democratic zombies are stupid but do they think they're so stupid that they would commit fraud to vote for Obama in an uncontested election? Or is it that they want to elect ... Romney? Hard to figure either way.

Let's just say that this one doesn't make a lot of sense. 

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Posted at January 26, 2012, 3:29am

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