Disgusting: Wall Streeters Mock Occupy and Poor People at Fancy Frat Party

 One of the things that makes Wall Streeters so unsympathetic is that, even when disdain for their greed has not just spread across America but across the world, they don't seem to realize it. And if they do? Well, they don't give a flying fuck. 

Last week, an exclusive Wall Street fraternity, Kappa Beta Phi, held a super-fancy black-tie dinner at the St. Regis Hotel in Manhattan, and a New York Times reporter was able to witness it. What he saw was behavior so appalling and unsympathetic to the plight of the poor it was almost a parody of itself: 

The Occupy movement was fodder for several after-dinner skits. In one, a documentary filmed during the protests, James Lebenthal, a bond specialist, joked with a protester whose face was appeared to be tattooed.

“Go home, wash that off your face, and get back to work,” Mr. Lebenthal told the protester.

Reached through his daughter on Friday, Mr. Lebenthal declined to comment.

In another skit, William Mulrow , a senior managing director at the Blackstone Group, put on raggedy clothes to play the part of an Occupy protester. Emil W. Henry Jr., a managing partner at Tiger Infrastructure Partners and a fellow new Kappa, joined him dressed as a wealthy baron.

“Bill, look at you! You’re pathetic, you liberal! You need a bath!” Mr. Henry said, voice full of mock indignation.

“You callow, insensitive Republican!” Mr. Mulrow said. “Don’t you know we need to create jobs?”

A Blackstone spokesman declined to comment on Mr. Mulrow’s behalf. Mr. Henry was not immediately available for comment.

Kappa Beta Phi was formed in 1929 by top Wall Street barons, and the rest of the Times piece sounds like we haven't left that year. In one paragraph listing attendees, you half expect F. Scott Fitzgerald to show up on there. It's absolutely necessary reading. Another special excerpt: "Some jokes took aim at industry outsiders like Representative Barney Frank, the Democrat of Massachusetts who has been an advocate of financial regulation." It's a sneak peek into the psychology of Wall Street during this tumultuous time, and clearly they're all still telling the rest of America to fuck off. 


AlterNet / By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Posted at January 21, 2012, 8:03am

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