Poll: Americans Trust Fox News the Most, and the Least

According to the third annual Public Policy Polling (PPP) TV News Trust Poll, Fox News may be the most trusted news source in America. As scary as that is, there is an interesting quirk in the data. 34 percent of respondents trust Fox more than ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Comedy Central, MSNBC, NBC News and PBS. But another 34 percent trust Fox the least when compared to the same sources. 

Talking Points Memo makes sense of the numbers:

In a way, the numbers make sense. Fox enjoys huge ratings, and when choosing one network out of a handful, a viewer is basically saying I watch this network more than the others. Fox News’ out-in-the-open partisanship explains its “least trusted” nod, as well. But, it’s popular.

What's more, Republicans seem to trust their go-to news network more than Democrats do. 68% of Republicans said Fox is their most trusted new source, but MSNBC "actually polls in only 6th place among Democrats at 8%, finishing slightly behind even Fox News’ 9%," PPP said. 

Of course, Republicans and Democrats are divided over who they consider trustworthy. According to PPP:

Democrats (53-17 over Comedy Central) and independents (44-13 over Comedy Central) both overwhelmingly say Fox is their least trusted news source. Republicans go for MSNBC by a 28-23 margin over CNN, followed by Comedy Central at 18% and ABC News at 10%.

With 17% of voters, PBS is the second most trusted news source, after Fox News. 17% of Americans said Comedy Central is their least trusted news source, making the network the second least trusted, closely followed by MSNBC with 16%. 

Keep in mind that surveys have also revealed Fox News viewers to be the most uninformed, while Comedy Central fans are actually the most aware of current events. 

AlterNet / By Kristen Gwynne

Posted at January 20, 2012, 4:51am

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