Irony Alert: On Day of SOPA Protests, Guy Who Authored the Bill Broke Piracy Laws on His Own Website

As you're surely aware, many websites, including this one, went dark yesterday in protest of SOPA, the legislation that many critics worry could destroy the Internet as we know it by paving the way for widespread Internet censorship. No one expected Lamar Smith, the author of the legislation, to welcome the protest with open arms, but this sure is an odd way to mark the occasion: 

Lamar Smith, the politician in question that has been pushing the bill that has even the tech Gurus over at Mashable screaming foul over SOPA’s extreme overreach and censorship capabilities, has allegedly used a photograph for the background of his campaign website without giving credit to the photographer or paying for its use.  That’s right, the guy who wants to stop online piracy is apparently an Internet pirate himself – Arrrrrrr


Smith's screw up notwithstanding, yesterday's actions appear to have been effective. Some 4.5 million people reportedly signed Google's anti-SOPA petition, while another million and a half people or so signed other major petitions and 350,000 people wrote to their Congressmembers. In all, 18 lawmakers reversed their decision on the legislation.

AlterNet / By Lauren Kelley

Posted at January 19, 2012, 7:29am

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