The Four Most Racist, Fearmongering and Absurd Moments from Last Night's Debate

The irony couldn't have been more profound: last night's GOP presidential debate was held on Martin Luther King Jr., Day, in South Carolina, where the Confederate flag still flies at the Statehouse.

Furthermore, it featured some of the most loaded and offensive racially-charged moments in a campaign season that was, dodgy to say the least, in that respect.

Below are some of the most appalling moments:

1-When Juan Williams pounded Newt Gingrich about his dog-whistle comments about food stamps and child labor, Gingrich came back swinging and earned a standing ovation.

2-The  word "Mexico" itself was booed when the topic that one of Mitt Romney's relatives lived there came up:

3. During the discussion of the poor behavior of soldiers in Afghanistan urinating on corpses,  Rick Perry weirdly and inappropriately pivoted around to discussing the murder of Daniel Pearl:

4. The next moment also comes courtesy of Perry, who introduced deeply unfortunate historical and racial imagery by declaring that South Carolina was "at war" with the federal government over Voter ID laws:


AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at January 17, 2012, 5:29am