Conservative Bloggers Cook Up Wacky Conspiracy Theory to Defend Romney's Corporate Raiding

The defense of Mitt Romney’s career as a corporate raider is in full sway, and especially how he’s a virtual lock for the nomination now, the usual conservative clowns are lining up like they always do in order to protect their cause. Case in point, the nimrods at Powerline (background on their years of stupidity) are asserting the following:

The Left is carrying out a coordinated attack on Mitt Romney’s business career. One sees exactly the same allegations, often phrased identically, whether you look at the Daily Kos, the Associated Press, Slate or Think Progress, or listen to Newt Gingrich or Rick Perry.

Apparently Newt Gingrich, leader of the conservative revolution in the House and Rick Perry, George W. Bush’s number two in Texas and a few months ago The Great Conservative Hope, are now part of a coordinated campaign between the left, the Associated Press and Slate (?) to take down Mitt Romney. It couldn’t be that Romney has a spotty career in the private sector. It couldn’t be that Romney has tried to disappear his time as governor and has put his career front and center. No. It has to be a conspiracy.

Because with the right, its always a conspiracy. It has been since at least 1964 when they were going on about the water being fluoridated by communists or in 2008 when they claimed that the housing collapse was a conspiracy of Democrats and poor people and not Wall Street. It’s always a conspiracy.

Because they are morons.


Like Kryptonite to Stupid / By Oliver Willis | Sourced from

Posted at January 13, 2012, 10:54am

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