Harry Belafonte Says Obama Lacks "Moral Compass"

Earlier this week,  "Day-O" Banana-Boat singer/actor/activist Harry Belafonte spoke on the radio show Smiley & (Cornel) West,where Belafonte unleashed some harsh criticism of Obama's leadership that never made it to the broadcast. The Radio Equalizer, however, has exposed Belafonte's rant, uncensored. 

Transcript from the Radio Equalizer:

HARRY BELAFONTE: When I think of Barack Obama and I think about all that is at stake here I’ve really long since left talking about how many terms he will be as a president. My question is what legacy will he leave having had the opportunity to serve under such hugely dramatic circumstances and boggled the mind and boggled people’s thinking and had such a huge impact on the universal state of things.

And how could he have had such a splendid opportunity to do more than most presidents would have ever been able to do and he let that opportunity slip away from him. And I am very cautious of the fact of those who thinks that he has some hidden agenda and that if only he could be given a second term for us to see the new light new things will be revealed. A new efforts will be made to take us to a place other than where we have been and where we languish.

I just don’t trust that. I don’t think that a safe way an accurate way to look at the scenario. I think if there was the kind of moral compass serving Barack Obama in the way we had all hoped, the moral force would have helped him make choices. The absence of that force in his equations the absence of that barometer to guide him when he has to make these decision which are hugely complicated, especially from the political perspective. He should have come to the table with things that I think would have helped us in this moment of crisis.

AlterNet / By Kristen Gwynne

Posted at January 11, 2012, 9:35am

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