Bachmann "Suspends" Campaign After Losing Big in Iowa

The GOP presidential debates just got less entertaining.

Rep. Michele Bachmann, in a speech infused with right-wing political and religious ideology, today announced the suspension of her campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. "I have decided to stand aside," she said, in a media event in Des Moines.

Although billed as a press conference, Bachmann took no questions from reporters, as is her custom.

Despite winning the vaunted Ames straw poll in August, Bachmann finished the Iowa caucuses in sixth place, with just 5 percent of the vote. At the caucus gathering in Urbandale aired by C-SPAN last night, no one stood to speak on her behalf.

"I am not a politician and have never been," said the three-term congresswoman from Minnesota who, before her election to the House of Representatives served for four years in her state legislature.

In what is likely more an end than a suspension of her campaign, Bachmann relied on the right's shop-worn depiction of President Barack Obama as a "socialist" who has brought the American Republic to the brink of extinction.

In her exit speech Bachmann invoked the image of a painting by Howard Chandler Christie that hangs in the U.S. Capitol building of a scene showing the signing of the Constitution, whose principles, she said, were "based on the immutable truths of the Holy Bible."

The statement revealed Bachmann's dominionist views, infused with the Christian Reconstructionism of one of her mentors, John Eidsmoe. 

Bachmann used much of the speech to clang a gong of alarm at what she claimed were the perils of the health-care reform law pass by Congress last year, saying that the day on which the law passed was the day that inspired run for president, because "what the Congress had done, and what President Obama had done, in passing Obamacare endangered the very survival of the United States of America.."

"I worry what a future painting in Christie’s vein would depict," she said.

The health-care program, Bachmann went on, "has become the playground of left-wing social engineering, where the right will always lose every battle..."

With her ardent focus on the "complete repeal" of the health-care reform law, as well as the Dodd-Frank financial reform law, Bachmann signaled that she intended to hold other candidates' feet to the fire on these issues.

As she closed her press conference, before a single reporter could get a question, the music cranked up, and the religious right's self-described Iron Lady exited to the strains of Train's ukulele bubble gum ditty, "Soul Sister." 

Apparently no one told her the uke is an instrument from Hawaii. Is that place even in America?


AlterNet / By Adele M. Stan

Posted at January 4, 2012, 5:54am

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