Little Girl Gets Pissed at Gender-Specific Toy Colors, Is Awesome

 From Jezebel: Video of a little girl getting pissed off at gender specific toy colours.

That kid rocks my world. I love that she identifies feeling that the toy companies are “tricking” people with the pink toys/princesses are for girls nonsense, and I love that she identifies the binary as being pink for girls and other colours for boys. Even if there’s been some level of coaching/discussion of these ideas with her parents, as some commenters at Jezebel are very indignantly insisting must be the case, she clearly understands the concepts, feels strongly about them, and is articulating them clearly. That’s awesome.

I kind of want someone to keep track of this kid and update me with what she’s doing as she grows up. I have a feeling in fifteen years I might be doing whatever the dawn-of-2027 version of reading her ranty feminist blog is.

Feministe / By Hexy

Posted at December 27, 2011, 6:47am

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