NYPD Keeps Occupiers from Bringing Holiday Cookies into Zuccotti Park

If you gathered together the world's finest minds and tasked them with making NYPD appear to be as wantonly disdainful of the 1st Amendment as humanly possible, they'd never do a better job than Mike Bloomberg and Ray Kelly.

Whether it's randomly pepper-spraying women, jailing reporters, or small insults to the spirit of our founding document such as this one, via Think Progress:

Occupy Wall Street protesters convened for a Christmas celebration at their old campsite in Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan yesterday, but when volunteers showed up with bags of cookies and food for a planned afternoon potluck, New York Police Dept. officers prevented them from entering the square, Manhattan news site DNAinfo.com reports. An NYPD spokesperson offered no comment on why the volunteers, who instead distributed the food along the sidewalk outside the park, were not allowed in.

Of course, no spokesperson is ever going to say, "it's because we're complete assholes."

AlterNet / By Joshua Holland

Posted at December 26, 2011, 9:31am