Dutch Magazine Editor Resigns After Running Racist Slur Against Rihanna

Last week, the editor-in-chief of Jackie, a popular Dutch magazine, resigned after running a Rihanna editorial that called her the n-word, among other racist characterizations. It read, according to Parlourmagazine.com:

"She has street cred, she has a ghetto ass and she has a golden throat. Rihanna, the good girl gone bad, is the ultimate n***abitch and displays that gladly, and for her that means: what’s on can come off.

"If that means she’ll be on stage half naked, then so be it. But Dutch winters aren’t like Jamaican ones, so pick a clothing style in which your daughter can resist minus ten. No to the big sunglasses and the pornheels, and yes to the tiger print, pink shizzle and everything that glitters. Now let’s hope she won’t beat anybody up at daycare.”

Wow. The editor in question, Eva Hoecke, took to Facebook to apologize, saying there was no racist intent (okay), but by then it was too late: Rihanna had seen the piece and tweeted her response:

"I hope u can read english, because your magazine is a poor representation of the evolution of human rights! I find you disrespectful and rather desperate!!

"You ran out of legit, civilized information to print! There are 1000's of Dutch girls who would love to be recognized for their contributions to your country, you could have given them an article. Instead, u paid to print one degrading an entire race! That's your contribution to this world!

"To encourage segregation, to mislead the future leaders to act in the past! You put two words together, with the intent of abasement, that made no sense ... 'N***a Bitch'?!....Well with all respect, on behalf of my race, here are my two words for you ... F*** YOU!!!"


They deserved that, and hopefully they'll feel those tweets in their bottom line. Today, Daily Beast columnist Ayana Bird has a must-read piece about the ordeal entitled "Racist Dutch Magazine Insults Rihanna and All Black Women Lose Out." She writes: 

Let’s repeat what a niggabitch is, to underline why Rihanna went so on-the-record ballistic without any filter from a publicist: it is the vilest combination of words that you can call a black woman. It is not, as Hoeke claimed, “slang” pulled from American hip-hop vernacular and wittily included in her magazine. Even in an art form that at times seems to relish its misogyny, rappers do not call black women this. In a musical genre that often seems to have no lines to cross, here is one. We are only familiar with the word because we are familiar with the Ku Klux Klan, lynchings, slavery, and plantation rape. It is from this slice of American culture that Jackie magazine borrowed its slang.

Not surprisingly, Hoeke’s explanation and half-hearted apology didn’t soothe anyone, and within a day of Parlour’s article, Hoeke was left with little recourse but to step down over what she still insisted was a misunderstanding.

Again, let's hope Jackie feels it in the pocketbook. Read the full Daily Beast piece here.


AlterNet / By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Posted at December 24, 2011, 6:44am

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