John McCain: Grumpy and Picking Fights, Once Again

 Grumpy McSame seems to be in a perpetually disgruntled mood lately. He's starting fights with Vladimir Putin. He's even blasting House Republicans. I first noticed that Sen. McCain was suffering from butthurt when Obama announced the end of the Iraq War:

McCain, speaking from the floor of the U.S. Senate, said Obama's decision on a full withdrawal -- with no residual force behind -- was timed to the start of the 2012 presidential election, and leaves Iraq vulnerable to terrorists and to anti-U.S. neighbors like Iran.

"I believe that history will judge this president's leadership with the scorn and disdain it deserves," McCain said.

I thought, "My, isn't that about the most ungracious, ill-tempered, and petulant thing he could have possibly said? And from the Senate floor, too?"

Now he's going after Joe Biden for saying that the Taliban aren't our enemies.


"If [the Taliban] aren't the enemy who has been shooting at us all this time," McCain said on Fox News, quoting from a tweet he said he got from a member of the military. "For the Vice President of the United States to make a statement like that is an insult to the men and women who are serving today. ... But also, what about the families of those who have been killed by the IEDs that Taliban have manufactured, the same Taliban that sheltered Bin Laden and was responsible for 9/11. What about all that? It's just disgraceful."

You have to be willfully stupid not to understand Biden's point, which is that we didn't invade Afghanistan so we could fight the Taliban for the rest of time. We went there to destroy the al-Qaeda network, and we can leave now (or in the near future) because the al-Qaeda network has been decimated by the Obama administration. But McCain doesn't care. He'll latch on to anything that can be politicized. He'll take any hawkish angle he can. Why?

Partly because he's just a dick. But partly because Putin is right. He has a few marbles loose. And he's really bitter than he got his ass kicked in the last election and he can't let it go. He should have retired with a shred of dignity. Now he's just an empty husk that walks around the Senate where he has only two friends (Graham and Lieberman) and no prospect of accomplishing anything. When Lieberman leaves next year, he'll be down to one friend. And he'll still be shouting at clouds.


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Posted at December 21, 2011, 5:01am

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