Iraq War Draws to a Close -- Except Not Really

Today the major media outlets are declaring that the Iraq War has ended. "Iraq war draws to a quiet close" and "U.S. war in Iraq declared officially over," read the headlines.

But as Marcy at emptywheel notes:

No, the Iraq War Is NOT Over

....[W]hile it is true that the Administration had a campaign event dog and pony show yesterday declaring the war over, it is not.

After all, Rand Paul tried to formally, legally end the Iraq war last month. And 67 Senators refused to do so.

The fact that the Iraq AUMF remains on the books matters. It matters because no matter how many times we wax eloquent about Iraqis controlling their own destiny, Nuri al-Maliki knows that little prevents Obama from bringing in troops again–or dropping drones in his country....

Credulous journalists may want to accept the Administration’s propaganda about the Iraq war ending. But until we take the expanded powers given to the President pursuant to a vile propaganda campaign away from him, the Iraq war is not over. And Obama should not be able to use it as a campaign line until he actually gives up those powers.

Even if we accept that the war is "over," we have to ask ourselves: at what cost? $806 billion spent, hundreds of thousands of people dead -- there's nothing to be proud of there.

Last night Rachel Maddow discussed the Republican opposition to pulling troops out of Iraq. It's a pretty great segment, and you can watch it here:

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AlterNet / By Lauren Kelley

Posted at December 15, 2011, 6:21am

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