Women to Obama: We Are BEYOND CRANKY Over Plan B

The Obama Administration'sdecision to overrule the FDA on Plan B over-the-counter sales has gotten a lot of women and women's groups ticked off.

Although there's rampant speculation that the move was done to avoid an "Obama loves teen sex" controversy in the next election and win over sexually conservative independent voters, feminists in "the base" have been alienated.

In fact, I'd say feminists are at a low point of hope and trust in this administration--and the Democratic Party.

A new petition started by women's activists puts this discontent in literal terms: we are alienated, disappointed and "beyond cranky". The letter reads:

Once again my rights are being thrown under the bus by the very leaders who said they stood for my rights. And once again I am beyond cranky that this is happening! Secretary Sebelius' overturning the recommendations of the Food and Drug Administration to make Plan B available to all women is beyond political game-playing. It is clear that election season horse-trading has begun and those of us who thought you would be there for us on core issues are being let down yet again!

First and foremost, Mr. President, you need to instruct your administration to reverse this action. You need to stand by the FDA recommendations and the women of this country by supporting Plan B for all.

Second, please know that we – those of you who have supported you – those of us who believed in your promises – are paying attention and we are tired of being disappointed. Keep election season game playing out of important policy decisions that impact real people.

[Your name]

Sign the new petition at Change.org.

The roundtable discussion on this decision at Up With Chris Hayes is well worth watching for the context: this is an administration that promised to honor sicence and not inject politics into science-based deicsions. Except when it comes to teenage girls, of course. Forgot that unspoken rule.

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AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at December 13, 2011, 7:30am

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