Romney Tells Gay Vet That He May Repeal Same-Sex Marriage Rights In New Hamphsire

 During a stop in Manchester, New Hampshire this morning Mitt Romney suggested to 63-year-old gay veteran Bob Garon that he would support the repealof the state’s marriage equality law, despite previously claiming that marriage is the purview of the states and advocating for states rights in the tenth amendment:

Garon, who is gay and was seated with his husband, Bob Lemire, then said to Romney: “It’s good to know how you feel, that you do not believe everyone is entitled to their constitutional rights.”

Romney replied: “Actually, I think at the time the Constitution was written marriage was between a man and a woman and I don’t believe the Supreme Court has changed that.”

Garon, a political independent later, told reporters he was unimpressed with Romney.

“The guy ain’t going to make it,” he said after the exchange. “You can’t trust him. I can see it in his eyes.”

Watch the exchange:


“I think my spouse should be entitled to the same entitlements that if I were married to a woman. What the hell is the difference?” Garon asked. “Absolutely I was definitely offended,” he said of Romney’s answer. Watch it:



While running for Senate in 1994, Romney argued that same-sex marriage is “a state issue as you know – the authorization of marriage on a same-sex basis falls under state jurisdiction.”

Earlier this year, the state’s House Judiciary Committee voted along party lines to approve a measure that would eliminate the 2009 marriage equality law and enact civil unions. The full House is expected to take up the issue in January, despiteoverwhelming public opposition to repeal.




ThinkProgress / By Igor Volsky

Posted at December 12, 2011, 6:41am

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