From Vancouver to Florida and up to New York: "Occupy the Roads" Creator Explains Her Vision (And Need for Gas Money!)

When Janet Wilson saw Occupy Wall St. in New York on October 3rd, she was inspired to keep the movement alive. She feared the camp would shut down in the Winter, so she took the kind of creative action that has come to characterize the movement:  Wilson created Occupy the Roads. She began her journey at the Canadian Border in Vancouver, BC, and is en route to San Diego, stopping at camps along the way, but she envisions an even longer quest. A member of the Occupy Wall St. Media Team, she wants to take it her trip across the country, spreading the movement's word along the way. 

"My hope is to go further and drive to Florida and then up the East Coast but that's only if we can get help with funding for gas," said Wilson, "I have tons of pictures, done many interviews, and have made some solid connections to those who want to help spread the message in their communities."

Wilson said she is still surprised when she meets people who have never heard of the Occupy movement. 

"I was happy to find out, In the town of Ashland...that we really needed our own media station, 'Occupy Radio or TV,'" said Wilson.  She  originally traveled with two other members of the Occupy Wall St. Media Team, their mission to provide each camp with live stream, but because their work took longer than she had planned, they split up, and Wilson continued forward with two new comrades.   

"Together we are journalling and documenting our trip," said Wilson, "My hope is to have a caravan following us as we arrive in either New York or Washington D.C, so we can send a loud message." 

But there is one group of people, in particular, for whom Wilson is aiming. 

"If I can gain support of the elderly that would be even better. They are the ones who normally own RVs so that's my mission." 

Wilson herself is 57 years old. "Perhaps," she said, "this will help attract the seniors."

Check out the Occupy the Roads blog and Facebook page

AlterNet / By Kristen Gwynne

Posted at December 9, 2011, 6:03am

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