Occupy Updates: Jean Quan Recall Efforts Underway, Occupation of Foreclosed Homes Continues

Here are some of the latest stories from the Occupied front:

--Two groups of Oakland residents are submitting petitions to recall Mayor Jean Quan, and one has been cleared to start collecting the 20,000 signatures it needs by May 14. The Recall Jean Quan Facebook page sums up the feelings behind these recall efforts:

The brutal response to the Occupy Oakland movements under her administration is no different than the recent responses of Iran, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, and the countless other authoritarian regimes throughout history....It's clear from her actions, that Mayor Quan has no respect for the will of the very people who put their trust in her and voted her into office. She has betrayed the trust and good faith of the citizens of Oakland, and by proxy every American Citizen, and must be recalled from public office immediately, and brought to bear for her deplorable and oppressive abuse of authority.

--The Occupy Our Homes movement is continuing apace after Tuesday's day of action. In New York, for instance, homeless activist Alfredo Carrasquillo and a few dozen other Occupy Wall Street protesters continue to occupy a foreclosed home in the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn. Carrasquillo told the Daily News, “There’s a risk of arrest — I’m willing to take it for the sake of my family and the community." Here's a video from the home on Tuesday:

--Today Greg Sargent writes about whether efforts to attack Elizabeth Warren with Occupy Wall Street are working. In short: they aren't. She is now leading Scott Brown by 7 points in the newMassachusetts poll. And the GOP is getting desperate:

A few weeks ago, the Rove-founded Crossroads GPS spent six figures on an ad that was all about Occupy Wall Street, falsely insinuating that Warren supports protesters’ violence and slamming the protests for advocating “radical redistribution of wealth.”

Today, with Warren edging into a lead over Scott Brown, Crossroads GPS is out with a new spot that doesn’t mention Occupy Wall Street at all, and actually tars Warren as too cozy with the big banks at the expense of the middle class....

The real key here is that Crossroads went from attacking Warren as too close to Occupy Wall Street, to attacking her as too helpful to, and too cozy with, the big banks.

What does that tell you about who’s winning the argument? 

--Reportedly 14 activists were arrested in Amsterdam last night after officials "moved in to reduce the size of the camp and improve hygiene."

--Activists have launched the Occupy Educated project to "educate and unite the movement, in order to create the change we need."

As Occupiers around the world are evicted from their local encampments, and as their libraries are being thrown in the garbage, OccupyEducated.org seeks to help the Occupy movement into the next phase, transitioning the movement from the streets to the web, by creating a virtual education center.

OccupyEducated.org serves as an educational and communications hub for local Occupiers to go global, to educate each other on the systemic crises we face, and help plan local actions that will make global change.

AlterNet / By Lauren Kelley

Posted at December 8, 2011, 6:03am

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