Occupy Updates: Police Brutally Rip Tent Costume off Aussie Occupier, BofA Memo Reveals Fear of Protesters, More

--- One of the more disturbing videos of extreme police action now going viral is from Occupy Melbourne, where a group of protesters, "tent monsters" wore their tents so they wouldn't be dismantled.

This didn't stop the police for violently ripping the ten off a young woman's back, leaving her unclothed, and not even checking to see if she was okay. An ethics probe has been launched. Watch below.

--Meanwhile here in the US, today's Occupy Our Homes action has a lot of people scared. Here's what the Bank of America memo sent out to "field agents" said: "i) Your safety is our primary concern, so do not engage with the protesters; ii) While in neighborhoods, please take notice of vacant BAC Field Services managed homes and ensure they are secured; iii) Remind all parties of the bank’s media policy and report any media incidents." As the blogger "Tyler Durden" at Zero Hedges who flagged this memo noted,

Aside from the superficial implications, what is more important is that the big banks are showing precisely what the weakest links in the system are, and what makes them the most nervous: it is not protesters living in tents in a major metropolitan city: it is protesters disrupting the lifeblood of the broken banking system - the home selling/repossession pathway. Expect many more such protests now that Bank of America has tipped its hand.

--In Washington DC, another big day as the SEIU led a "99 to DC" or "Take Back the Capitol" week of action. Already today, groups of constituents have been doing semi-occupations of their congresspeople and senators' offices, and some have had the cops called on them. Meanwhile, huge tents went up where union members could get organized for the weeks' worth of actions on behalf of jobs and the middle class. The influence of OWS is everywhere here, and though some may cry co-opting with the language being used--it's a net plus that the unions have been emboldened to use more theatrical and aggressive tactics to lobby. Here is an SEIU slideshow of the camp being set up in DC:

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AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at December 6, 2011, 7:53am

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