Occupy Updates: Protesters Barricaded, Reporters Turned Away Outside of "1%" Obama Fundraiser

Here are some of the latest updates on the evolving-but-still-going-strong Occupy movement:

--Last night in New York City, hundreds of OWS protesters marched in midtown to protest outside the venue for President Obama's $1,000-a-plate fundraiser. According to Gothamist, the protest was peaceful, but then "after the protesters arrived near the hotel, they were suddenly penned in by police, told they were in a 'frozen zone' and not permitted to leave until after the president departed."

--Meanwhile, a group of reporters covering the protests outside the Obama fundraiser say they were turned away by the NYPD -- despite having recently sent the department's deputy commissioner a letter reminding him that journalists are allowed to cross police lines.

--Over at The Awl, Susie Cagle recaps what happened at Occupy Black Friday last week. "Black Friday did not mark but coincided with a shift in the nature of Occupy, following a spate of police violence across the country. After regrouping, new strategies—creative, and less confrontational ones—seemed welcome," she writes, offering video and written accounts of actions across the country.

--Via TPM, here's a piece on the bizarre ways Republicans are spinning the Occupy movement (because they just keep getting asked about it!).

--Jesse Eisinger wrote a fascinating column about how he's meeting more and more Wall Street insiders who are sympathetic to the sentiments of the Occupy movement (i.e.,Wall Street is "already occupied -- from within"):

The insiders have a critique similar to that of the outsiders. The financial industry has strayed far from being an intermediary between companies that want to raise capital so they can sell people things they want. Instead, it is a machine to enrich itself, fleecing customers and exacerbating inequality. When it goes off the rails, it impoverishes the rest of us. When the crises come, as they inevitably do, banks hold the economy hostage, warning that they will shoot us in the head if we don’t bail them out. 

--Finally, AlterNet's Sarah Seltzer spoke with Thom Hartmann last night about the future of the movement (her interview starts around the 3-minute mark, though the rest of the segment is interesting as well):

AlterNet / By Lauren Kelley

Posted at December 1, 2011, 7:18am

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