Fake Website Tries to Stop Recall Walker Petitions

A website posing as "Occupy Madison" is seeking to undermine the petition drive in Wisconsin to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker by claiming enough signatures have been gathered. In a November 27 blog entitled, "Walker Recall a success, all necessary signatures collected," the accompanying post says: "The Committee to Recall Scott Walker and United Wisconsin have issued a report stating they have succeeded in collecting all necessary signatures... We are thankful for the efforts, [and] we are suspending all collection activity."

Wisconsin recall activists have posted comments saying, "THIS SITE IS A PARODY. THIS SITE IS A JOKE... I can't really believe anyone would be so stupid" to believe its claims. The fake "Occupy Madison" website shows the sinking level of politics in Wisconsin. The inflammatory images on the site's masthead are worth looking at -- keep refreshing; there are a half-dozen -- just to see how Walker supporters are seeking to smear the Occupy movement as a bunch of anarchy-loving, violence-embracing, sex-crazed marauders.  

If nothing else, it shows some Walker supporters are scared enough of the recall to try to undermine the petition drive. 

AlterNet / By Steven Rosenfeld

Posted at November 27, 2011, 5:55pm

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