Occupy Updates: Londoners Occupy Abandoned Bank Building, Media Misinformation in New York City

--Some stats from yesterday's massive day of protests in New York City: 32,000 protesters hit the streets, and more than 300 were arrested.

--Speaking of New York City's protests, the local mainstream media coverage was predictably terrible.

--Glenn Greenwald has a great column up at Salon about the widely reported "occupiers shutting down the subway" rumor -- how it got started, and how it spread. Hint: NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly's son -- a Fox News anchor -- is involved.

--The Awl is keeping a running tally of the journalists who have been arrested while covering the Occupy movement; there have been 26 so far, by their count (including AlterNet's Kristen Gwynne). Mayor Bloomberg's spokesperson's reaction to that news? Basically, "Yeah, well only five of those journalists were credentialed by the city." Never mind that official press credentials are famously difficult to get, even for mainstream journalists, and that five arrested journalists would still be too many.

--Here is a sad photo of books from the People's Library that were pulled out of the trash after being thrown away by cops during Tuesday's OWS raid. The good news is that the library is re-establishing itself; follow the #BloombergBibliocide hashtag on Twitter to find out more.


--Here's video of SEIU president Mary Kay Henry being arrested at the mouth of the Brooklyn Bridge last night, along with New York City Councilman Jumaane Williams and dozens of others.

--Protesters in London are "publicly repossessing" an empty UBS bank building today, after being evicted from St. Paul's Cathedral. Follow the Guardian's live blog for up-to-date information.

--Milwaukee police officers took a rather different approach to dealing with their occupiers yesterday:

Protesters who blocked traffic Thursday and invited arrest declared victory and marched off after Police Chief Edward Flynn said that officers wouldn't help them fulfill their "martyrdom fantasies" and that they could stay "and freeze their butts off."

Hundreds of protesters sat or stood on the North Ave. bridge over Interstate 43 for two hours.

Nary a canister of pepper-spray in sight! NYPD, you see how that works?

--In Warsaw, Poland, a clever protester purchased a flying camera drone to keep an eye on the police.

--Last but not least, here is video of some creative protesters in Berkeley floating tents in the air, since they were barred from setting up tents on the ground:

AlterNet / By Lauren Kelley

Posted at November 18, 2011, 6:55am

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