Video From Gaza Flotilla As Israeli Navy Prepares to Intercept Boats

Two Gaza-bound boats carrying pro-Palestinian activists is within 50 nautical miles of its destination, but reports are emerging that Israeli Navy ships have intercepted the "Freedom Waves to Gaza” flotilla. Communication with the boats have largely been cut off. Prior to losing contact we received two exclusive video reports from aboard the “Tahrir,” the Canadian ship. Speaking to Democracy Now! correspondent Jihan Hafiz last night, passenger Ehab Lotayef said: “We are approaching the 100-nautical mile point away from Gaza which is usually the point where Israel declares, starts the blockade,” said one passenger in an interview last night. “Will they try to come and board us? All these questions are now at the moment of truth. The major preparation we did is to prepare that we don’t want anybody to act in any violent way, or in any way that can even induce violence by the Israelis.”

Democracy Now! / By Amy Goodman | Sourced from

Posted at November 4, 2011, 5:16am

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