Heroic Woman Punches, Kicks Man Who Groped Her on the Subway

A 22-year-old college student who was groped on a subway platform recently decided not to take the fondling sitting down. So instead she kicked, punched, and screamed at her assaulter -- and took pictures of him, to boot.

Shyane DeJesus told the Post that a man grabbed her on the 6 train platform of New York's Union Square station. He “grabbed my right shoulder and pushed my head down and lifted my skirt up and groped me,” she said.

“He went on the train and sat down as if nothing happened. I was hysterical. I yelled that he just groped me. I literally started punching him in the head,” she said.

No one came to her aid.

DeJesus got in a few more knocks on her attacker, and, as the train pulled in to the next station, took her phone out of her bag.

“I held the door and positioned the phone in his face. I was shaking, I’m surprised I got it,” she said.

“He smirked when I looked at him. He never said a word, not a word. All I got was that smirk.”

DeJesus then got off the train and ran to her job, where she called police.

The story is reminiscent of this item from a year ago, in which a woman is captured on a cell phone camera loudly berating a man who exposed himself to her on a crowded train. The video went viral, and the woman became a hero for subway harassment victims everywhere. Let's all watch the video again, for old times' sake:

AlterNet / By Lauren Kelley

Posted at November 3, 2011, 6:36am

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